Thursday, February 3, 2011

The C.O.W.S. w/ "A Proud, Gay Black Man" Part II

I DON"T have a lifestyle, I have a life that I LIVE. So only WHITE [people] are GAY? Honey please! Question: do you have a CAREER and how much money do you make? I'm assuming you only have a job and [a lot] of time on your hands like... 90% of NIGGERS. Yes, I said NIGGERS. Poverty breeds ignorance, and seeing as most blacks are IGNORANT; that makes you a nigger. The black [heterosexuals] I know are too busy worrying about multiplying their millions to be caught up on ONLY WHITE [people] being gay. If you could only see all the rich BLACK GAY men here is ATL (myself included). There again there are [a lot] of poor niggers here too. Get your weight up honey.I'm certainly NOT trying to convince BLACK people of anything! LOL! What do BLACK people COLECTIVELY own or run? If I were to try to convince anyone of anything… IT WOULD BE SOMEONE WHO HAD POWER AND THE MEANS TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! LOL! I'm interested in EQUAL RIGHTS & EQUAL PROTECTION under US law... I could truly NOT give a DAMN what poor BLACK people think or believe. YOU DO NOT PAY ME! YOUR BLACK INGNORANCE IS GIVING ME A NIGGER HEADACHE! LOL!INVEST IN The COWSSubscribe to The COWSHomosexual | Pedophilia | White Identification | Tongues Unitied | Racism

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