Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Super Bowl Commercials

#320 The C.O.W.S. - The Super Bowl Commercials - Feb 08,2011

Gus hasn't seen a millisecond from Super Bowl XLV, but he did check out
 over 100 million dollars of Racist Man & Racist Woman's most refined
 advertising/programming. Gus knew he was in for a treat when the first 
commercial he saw referenced George Orwell's 1984. Most of the ads relied 
on familiar White Supremacist Code - conflict between black 
people/non-white people, degrading, subservient images of black people. 
They also mixed in hefty serving of homo-erotic/Anti-Sexual behavior. 
We'll analyze the brain trashing that millions of non-white people voluntarily 
subjected themselves to... and make certain folks saw and remember 
Michael Richards.

Listen here.
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